Monday, November 22, 2004


So, I had a pretty cool church service this week (link to church website). It was really church SERVICE. Instead of normal liturgical church stuff, we had breakfast all together and then went out and did stuff -- helping people, picking up trash, cleaning bathrooms, giving out free coffee. And it was beautiful and profound to be able to worship God by picking up trash.
One moment that won't get out of my head is this one: we went to Veterans park after cleaning up one trail to help another cleanup group. They were getting trash out of this creek and we went down there to help them. At this point Brandon's gloves had been getting rather goopy, so he threw them out and didn't have any, but I did, and he had a rake so we were working together trying to get stuff within reach so I could grab it without falling into the cold muddy water. A few bottles were almost close enough for me to get them, but not quite, so Brandon had to hold onto me as I leaned in to pick them up and put them in our trash bag. And this is stuck in my head and I think it has something to do with what the church is all about. Helping each other out by doing things we can't do alone, working together with what we have, and holding each other up.


Ria said...

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likearadio said...

fwiw, bethany, you do have non-spammers reading your blog. :) and i like the blogspot blog, but then again, i'm a bit biased.

your church service sounds awesome. i'd like to find a church like that!

your fellow apple-


Anonymous said...

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