Wednesday, April 25, 2007

proud of my alma mater

Some of you may have already read about the equality riders - a group of glbtq persons and supporters who are traveling around to christian colleges. Apparently they have had some interesting experiences, including being arrested at Cornerstone University, just down the road from Calvin (note, this is the school that just decided to stop offering tenured faculty positions. They are not my favorite). Anyway, they visited Calvin this week, and appear to have been overwhelmed by the loving attitude they encountered there.

I think this indicates an openness that I didn't observe when I was a Calvin student, only a few years ago. Although it seems they are still having serious debates about a religious understanding of gender and sexuality, they also seem to be focusing more on the primary calling of christians - to love others.

As I've mentioned before, I think that the way the church in the US has shown hate instead of love toward so many people is horrifying, and I seriously hope that a few decades of hindsight will leave us as ashamed of this time in our history as we are of slavery and Jim Crow. I'm glad to see that Calvin College is taking steps in the right direction.


Rachel said...

Me too. :-) I'm very thankful for the education I'm getting at Calvin right now. In so many other parts of our country, Christian higher education would turn me into a crazed right-wing fundamentalist. Loving God and loving our neighbor as ourselves is a heck of a lot more complicated than some people make it out to be. Go, Calvin!

Morgan said...

Yeah Calvin! I'm proud too. While Calvin certainly still has its share of closed mindedness and whatnot, they are really leaps and bounds above most Christian schools.

Rachel said...

You have just gone up another couple of notches in my book. ;) Props for being a Bridget fan!