Saturday, January 06, 2007

because who doesn't like ramen?

The inventor of Ramen Noodles died yesterday. The news story reminded me of those college days hovering over an electric hotpot poking at a brick of ramen noodles as they boil, and sitting in the hallway at high school with a cup of noodles and a spork. Ramen Noodles (chicken flavor) tastes like nostalgia. And, given the years of grad school ahead of me, I doubt I've tasted my last oversalted cup.

Good job, Momofuku Ando. Good job inventing a food that has a very long shelf life and costs hardly any money. A service to college students everywhere.


Gordon Hackman said...

Hi there,

I stopped by here several months ago when I was looking for perspectives on Debbie Maken and the singleness issue. If I recall, I found my way over from the Rondevouz blog. Appreciated your thoughts on the matter, as well as your recent ones a few posts back.

The best thing about Ramen is that you can get several meals worth for under a dollar. Of course the downside is that they almost completely lack any nutritional value. They go great with a sandwhich, though. My favorite is the creamy chicken flavor.


Sonya said...

I remember the time when my only option for breakfast was ramen from the vending machine... and then I found there was only Chili flavour left. Chili flavour??? Yup. I thought it was nasty, but it provoked an obsession for Carol. Which was unfortunate, because we never saw chili ramen ever again.

Kristin said...

Ah, ramen. I once wrote an informal essay on the beauties of noodled soup. I saw picante chicken flavor. Perhaps it was next to the chili? But, yes, they are, as we like to say here in IL, nutritionally bankrupt, along with other favorites like ice berg lettuce.