Friday, January 28, 2005

symposium: sabbath-keeping

So, I wound up hearing Dorothy Bass talk 3 times in the last 24 hours, but that was okay, because she's a wise and clear speaker, and her ideas about sabbath and time are deliciously counter-cultural and probably neccesary. I don't know if I have much to add to what she says, but here's what I got from her:

We are so interested in investing our own importance with how much we do, that we keep working and working and never take a rest. But, indeed, sabbath-keeping is one of the ten commandments, and we are not nearly as nonchalant about our disregard of the other nine.

So, her suggestions for sabbath-keeping are reasonable and flexible. Take a whole day, whenever that day is, and do things that refresh you. Don't do your normal work.

I've done sort of a truncated version of this for the past semester plus a bit. I don't do homework on sunday, which makes me availible to participate in whatever liturgical or church community activities I would like to. This has been a huge blessing, and it has kept me from my constant "I should really be doing something productive right now" mindset. But, I'll admit, I let it slide as I put off non-homework tasks (laundry, grocery shopping, grad school apps) to sunday when I wouldn't do homework. I think I'm gonna try and be better about that this semester.

Also, its a good reminder that I am not so crucial that the world won't continue without my contributions. Which I think those of us inclined toward arrogance need to be reminded of rather frequently.

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taliendo said...

Some coworkers and I were recently conversing about our favorite days of the week. One mentioned Friday, as the onset of the weekend break. Another said Saturday because it was the one day out of the week they are allowed to sleep in. But for me, it's long been the Sabbath. There's nothing better than having a day that I reserve for me and the Lord. There's nothing better than rising in the morning with the certain knowledge that I have to put forth no greater energy than to converse, and read and pray.

And that's why it's my favorite day. :)