Friday, January 23, 2009

In the Banner

Check out this article I wrote for The Banner last summer. I'm so pleased it's finally published.


Morgan said...

Woot woot! Great article too! You speak for us singles very well!

Rachel said...

AMEN AMEN AMEN! Thanks, girl! (Even though I'm 95% sure you have a boyfriend.)

bethany said...

yeah, but having a boyfriend is not the same thing as being married. Actually, though, I was thinking a lot about my friends' experiences when I wrote this more than my own.

Anonymous said...

"Family-focused behaviors do not alienate only young adults. They can be especially hurtful to those who have experienced divorce or other failed relationships. They can also hurt gay Christians—adding to the sense that they aren’t fully welcome."

Just like most "christians" these are trying to change the foundation of family that God set in place and excuse an abomination to include those who refuse to think their sin is not sin.

Singles who feel mis-placed within the family structure of the "church" are again focused on themselves asking what the "church" can do for them...instead of allowing themselves to bring something to the "church".

The true "church" is made up of families, divorces, singles, gays, perverts, murderers, thieves, etc., and should anyone desire to be a part of the ecclesia, they embrace Christ Jesus, love His Word, respect His laws, and live in His power to overcome the world and it's ways.

bethany said...

ok, I might be willing to discuss Gay Identity: sin or not at another time, but only with people who sign their names. It's not really relevant to this discussion anyway. Please allow me to explain myself further:

Regardless of how you feel about various sexual practices, many churches suggest that those who have only same-sex attraction are called to celibacy. If that is the case, they will never fit into the "family" model that most churches are built on.

I resent being called a christian-in-quotation-marks, and selfish in the same comment. Especially when I think my argument is the opposite: single christians have a lot to offer the church, but you have to take them seriously as members for them to be able to serve.

As for your last paragraph, you'll have to try again, I am not following your grammar, and am possibly reading it in two ways with opposite meanings, and am not willing to guess since I don't know who you are.

Julie said...

Bethany, I thought the article was great. Good job!