Thursday, May 01, 2008

bragging rights

This morning I was reading this New York Times article about Steve and Barry's. My favorite part is this quotation from Sarah Jessica Parker:

“What has changed,” Ms. Parker said, “is that now people have bragging rights about what they paid. I admired a woman’s pair of pants at a party recently and she said, ‘Fourteen dollars! H & M!’ It really is, among the people I know, part of what they do now.”

NOW? She obviously doesn't know any dutch people. I've been doing that... always.

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Julie said...

obviously not. I too have been doing that my whole life. My mom totally taught me how to shop the sales rack and score big time. :) You know though, I wonder if Tulip Time tries to attract non-Dutch people so they can make more money...I just heard from a co-worker (who is not Dutch) that she spent over $100 on just food during Pella's tulip time...crazy. So, their plot is to attract other ethnic groups and make them spend money since the Dutch don't. haha.
O and can I tell you how excited I am that you are coming to Chicago this summer!!!!