Tuesday, December 18, 2007

more on Huckabee

Jim sent me this Huckabee campaign ad last night and we talked about why it's such a good piece of candidate marketing:

It's a gorgeous pander to the family-values, war-on-christmas, stop-being-so-negative crowd, while being perfectly innocuous. It's often challenging to wink to some voters without offending at least a few savvy others. Where was the staffer that came up with this one when Huckabee said all those terrifying things about women being submissive and quarantining AIDS patients?

Regardless, this ad functions quite well for him. It makes him seem serious and sincere, when his jokester ways could cause problems. It makes him seem wholesome and positive in the midst of attack politics - many aiming for him given his recent rise.

I still don't think he has a chance in the general because of aforementioned terrifying statements, but this ad is a good bit of politics.


jimmy said...

How about that not-so-subtle white cross "bookcase" in the background...? Of course, I guess you can't really say it's a covert shout-out to Christians since he pretty openly said that people should "celebrate the birth of Christ."

rachel said...

I love how the whole, "aren't you sick of politics?" statement is a political statement in itself...sort of. ("I'm the normal guy who understands your values, everyone else just wants to spend the holiday season bickering...vote for me!")

Mary said...

Something about the use of "Silent Night" for a political campaign leaves me feeling rather uneasy, though this certainly isn't the first time a sacred holiday has been exploited with such effrontery. I really hope you are right in saying that Huckabee doesn't stand a chance... I thought the same thing about "W" ten years ago, but I suppose Huckabee doesn't have as much of the political royal lineage as our current president.

bethany said...

Mary, good point about GW, I'm banking on Huckabee being way too openly ludicrous to be electable. Then again, we had years of Bush and he STILL got re-elected. But I think the majority believes that was a mistake.