Tuesday, July 31, 2007

unpacking thoughts

Today I have occupied my morning with opening boxes (or boxen if you’re Jim) and finding homes for the things inside them. I have had several questions running through my head as I unpack books:

- is this really a reasonable number of books for a person to have?

- Are there some I can get rid of?

- What is the cat doing on the bookshelf?

- I wonder what these authors would say to each other if they had to have a conversation with the author they are shelved next to.

It’s that last question that made me think I should make a blog post about. I’ve mostly been shelving by book height instead of topic, so there are some curious juxtapositions. For example: what would Clark Pinnock and Guy Debord find to say to each other? I would actually love to sit in on a conversation that would take place among Neil Postman, N. T. Wright, and Danielle Allen. I would REALLY like to hear what Simone Weil has to say to Debbie Maken. I like to think it would be a thing or two (note: I only own the Debbie Maken book because I found it used and cheap and I might need it for critical reasons).

Anyway, these are my thoughts. I should be actually doing the unpacking instead of writing about it.


Morgan said...

I bought two boxen of doughnuts.

MattyA said...

many, much moosen... in the woods, in the woodsen.

the chickens' auntie said...

I have nothing to say about boxen (though I am surprised that my English major son, with 3 degrees, would say that when he objects to things like misplaced apostrophes) -- I see that I said something about boxen after all!

I do, however, have an answer for question #1 -- a person can NEVER have too many books.