Saturday, June 30, 2007

scandal accessibility

Yesterday Slate posted an article by Us Weekly editor Janice Min about her decision to not run any Paris Hilton coverage this week. The interesting insight in this article, however, has little to do with Paris and a lot to do with the lack of outrage and impeachment hearings over the various Bush administration scandals. I wish I could remember the source - I think it was NPR - but I heard recently that Americans in a recent survey did not support Bush impeachment, but did wish they could magically wake up in January 2009. There is a sense that Americans are weary of these stories, and unlike the Monica scandal, the misdeeds of the Bush oval office involves avoiding oversight, bureaucratic bylaws, and the constitution. Missing emails are not quite as fascinating or accessible as a semen-stained gap dress, and so they don't get as much attention. It's always more difficult to comprehend things that don't appear in our own daily existence, but perhaps in the end those crimes are more damaging.

** added later: related video on youtube of a frustrated MSNBC newscaster about to loose it on the air, being goaded by her colleagues. She agrees with me and others that the Paris Hilton story shouldn't lead.


ジョエル said...

Agreed. And by the same token I think a lot of the energy expended on Leftist blogs the past couple weeks about the Edwards-Coulter feud has allowed some of the more serious issues of Cheney's abuse of power to not get as much attention as it should have

QuakerDave said...

Mika is a hero for doing this, and it should've gotten more attention than it did.

And there's a reason why Mother Jones magazine used to routinely vote "Morning Joe" in as the #1 Dumbest person in Congress year after year back when he was a House member from Florida...

Exhibit A right here.