Tuesday, March 20, 2007


A friend of mine directed me to GodTube a few weeks ago and it got some coverage in this week’s Newsweek, so I feel compelled to comment. Although I find the content and the concept of this site less disturbing than Conservapedia (I’m sure if you are familiar with this blog you can imagine my snarks if you start looking around that site…), I still think GodTube is kind of… dumb.

Like Christian Rock music before it (and Christian Tea and Mints and… well… you know....) GodTube makes me wonder why. Why start a site for “Christian” videos with specifically religious content separate from the video site that everyone else watches? Indeed, I have seen that banana video on YouTube months ago. Do Christians need to be protected from the dangerous world of YouTube? Are they persecuted or excluded there? Why is it necessary to make a sectioned off website for christians, inviting those who are talented to put their art with religious content there instead of in a place where it might actually reach more people. Where it might even make someone think differently about religion, or justice, or humanity.

Does this strike anyone else as completely unnecessary?


Anonymous said...

Hmm, interesting. While I think its cheesy, I also wonder if maybe they think its a "safe" place to go, where they won't find offensive materials.
Granted, I think people who have this type of thinking are oversensitive, I still think they have the right to do this.
But then again, I think they need to ask what kind of picture does this really paint of other Christians.

BTW, this is Aaron in case you're wondering, lol.

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bethany said...

Aaron, I can see where you're coming from with that, and that's a selling point for christian radio and movies and teen magazines I guess. But I'm not sure I buy it because a lot of the videos are clearly geared toward adults, being a subtle parody, a sexual innuendo or, uh, boring. And what kind of offensive material were they really running into on the regular youtube? Too many cat on a treadmill videos?

Morgan said...

Sorry I'm so behind on your blog. :-(

I just read this, but did you see the "Christian clown training" videos that were on GodTube? I can't find them now, but they were quite possibly the most hilariously disturbing videos I ever saw