Friday, June 02, 2006

Marketing Packaged in Religion

Does no one else find it disturbing that “christian” has become another niche to market, and another theme to exploit?  I ran across this NY Times article that details the ways sports teams are now marketing “Faith Night” to religious people.

Apparently a baseball game that has scripture references on player’s uniforms and Noah bobbleheads is a “spiritual” event.  Is this really what Christianity has become in our society?  A culture and not an ideology?  A set of products to buy, instead of a method for living?

I don’t even know what else to say.  But if anybody wants to buy some indulgences, I totally have a hookup.  Let me know.


MattyA said...

Yes, I find this disturbing, but not the connection between sports and religion. They're more alike than most people realize. Have I ever told you how well the book of common prayer litugy and the events of a college football game compare? They're not joking when they call it a religion.

By the way, it was a football team that put the scripture on their jersey's. Just when I thought you were becoming a sports fan...

kristen said...

Don't think of it as disturbing. Think of it as research material!