Thursday, January 26, 2006

sweaters in the news

I heard an NPR story recently and read this Chicago Trib article about Bolivian President Evo Morales and his much-discussed sweater. Evidently President Morales has been wearing this rather unremarkable looking sweater (some claim it is alpaca, others acrylic) to meet with dignitaries all over the world. He’s causing a fashion craze in La Paz, Bolivian radio songs about the sweater, and commentators examining the meaning of the sweater. The Bolivian business man interviewed on NPR suggested that it is a part of Morales’ every-person image.

I think this is interesting on two levels – first the significance of a clothing item as communication. Secondly, it is unusual that a male world leader is discussed for his fashion choices.


o1mnikent said...

Sweaters are awesome.

There. Now another male world leader has discussed his fashion choices.

You're missing out on a great symposium. The seven hour session with Witvliet, McLaren, etc. was amazing.

Also, I had dinner with Eugene Peterson last night. Frickin' symposium!!

Katherine said...

Bethany, it is posts like this that confirm your place in my list-o-favorite-bloggers. I heard the NPR coverage of the Great Bolivian Sweater, and it didn't even down on me to consider it on the two levels you illuminated. Thank you :-)

bethany said...

Kent: 1) we've discussed your fashion choices before. Remember the great tie debates of May 2005?
2) you're not a world leader
3) I miss sympo.