Saturday, December 10, 2005


Becky’s recent post (and our related conversations about going home and growing up and how much we’ve learned and changed over the semester) reminded me of a poem I had been working on. And since ideas bouncing around between blogs and through comments is one of my favorite things about weblogging, I thought I’d post it here. See also my July post anticipating some of these thoughts too. Critiques, comments, or further discussion invited:

I have become intertwined with this place

It is almost as if the pavement
presses back against my foot
in a more friendly way, now
that we know each other.
As if the swing of my hips
has learned to match the
quirks of this sidewalk.

I wonder if my last place will
still recognize me when I return.
If the rhythms of its staircases
will re-enter my legs,
if the gentle curves of its streets
still fit the steps my car and I
dance together, hands, feet,
wheels in sync.

I wonder if it will fold me back
Like a missing page or lost coin.
Or if it will pull away,
Curious of this familiar new
Our reunion simultaneously
awkward and expected,
like an adolescence.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful poem, Bethany. Kathy B.

Ryan said...

it's a sad day in seattle when bethany no longer links to me. am i being punished for going too long between posts? i'm back, baby... :)

sonya said...

Stop writing amazing poems, Bethany! Because now I can't say, "my roommate wrote that!" I miss you. Thank goodness for cellphone, IM, and the internet in general. :)

I'll admit I was a bit confused about the coin and/or folding back pages. But maybe I just need to read it when it's not 3:30am.

Why am I up at 3:30am? Because it's just something inherent in my nature? Because I had a craving for several glasses of Coke paying no heed to the caffeine until too late? Because I'm excited about going home very very soon? Because there's a good song playing on my iTunes right now? Because I think depriving myself of sleep now will enable me to go to sleep dang early tomorrow night ("tonight") so I'll be able to wake up at 4:30am and haul my butt to the airport? Maybe it's one of those.