Thursday, October 13, 2005

Who Holds Its Pillars Firm

This is a different Psalm 75 poem from the one in the psalmfest, but it’s been floating in my head for a few days. It’s similar to a poem from last month, but sometimes poets get obsessed with things and write a lot about them. (for the ease of the reader, here is the text of psalm 75, NIV)

Who Holds Its Pillars Firm
(Psalm 75:3)

I am one of earth’s people, trembling.
It is I who sits alone in the dark, afraid
to visit tomorrow, knowing that I am
imperfect, and ill-equipped.
Out of desperation
I reach for the grace of God.

But my quaking is nothing, compared
to the earth and all its people. I
read of thousands gone, like flowers
blown over by the wind, when the
earth half a world away makes
its groaning more violent.

Are you the one tapping the earth,
causing its shivers? Or are you the
one who picks up a few and brings
them to safer ground? How do you
chose which pillars to hold?


Rachel said...

This poem is amazing. Good work. The struggle to understand God's role in suffering is a difficult one, and every bit of poetry and shared wisdom helps. Thanks

Bob K said...

Nice poem, Bethany. It is very Psalm-like in that it both questions God and affirms God's control and providence.

Ryan said...

hate to be a punk, but check your use of the apostrophe in its. it's is never possessive, only a contraction for it is.
-teacher ryan

bethany said...

Thanks Ryan. I usually double-check for those because it's (!) so easy to make a mistake. But sometimes one slips by. I changed it.