Sunday, September 11, 2005

You Know You're in Grad School When...

My friend Becky posted a list of experiences that verify our identity as Speech Comm grad students. I've been keeping my own list which has most of the events from hers (since, indeed, I was there for nearly all of them), but I have a few to add:

  • You make jokes that include things like “does this qualify as semantic noise” or “do we need to explicate that term?”
  • The most exciting moment of your day was when you finally finished that long reading.
  • Whenever you watch a movie you 1) analyze it rhetorically in your head and 2) look for clips to show your students to demonstrate some point.
  • You are sitting around waiting for something to happen, and the killing-time discussion begins with “let’s talk pedagogy.”

More to come, I'm sure.


Marty said...

HAHAHA.....the sad thing is that i can totally relate to that just as an undergrad as well. I think that the worst feeling in the world is getting done with a huge thing of reading and realizing that you have no idea what it was trying to say. Stupid Socrates....still think he is just a prick

Ryan said...


citystreams said...

... when you tell someone that their poem would be a sonnet if they straightened out the meter, added a rhyme scheme and threw in 2 lines! You're a mess! Thanks for the comment. :o) I'll see what I can do.