Wednesday, May 11, 2005

a poem for the end of the year

I wrote this poem for a Jazz Vespers service we had a few weeks ago, but it's relevant for right now, I feel.

The Present

I can be sentimental.
Nostalgic even.
Holding moments in my fist
knowing even now that I am crushing
them into a dust of fuzzy memories,
inside jokes that no one else gets, vague grins
and murmurs of “those were the days”.

I’ll wake up one day
and wonder whatever happened
to the person who I am sitting beside today,
talking about hopes and dreams, or telling jokes,
or explaining the virtues
of her favorite coffee shop.

And I wish there was a way to hang on to
the beauty of now, collect
moments like seashells, stored in a
wooden box on top of my dresser.
Somewhere safe where they
won’t disappear. With all the other
things that meant something to me once.


Bob K said...

Nicely done, Bethany. I read once that artists help us understand how we feel and your poem does that well.

wierdo52 said...

I really appreciate reading your poetry. Thanks for sharing it with so many people. I also liked your poem in dialogue... as a fellow twilight lover, it speaks subtly and truly. Plus, who cares whether that girl meant twilight as a person or as a time of day, because the important thing is what it meant to you - a truly postmodern (or is it individualist?) perspective!