Saturday, November 05, 2011

Check out my Student's Work

This semester I'm teaching a class on Rhetoric and Digital Media. I'm asking for students to immerse themselves in some kind of online content community for their project and work on self-made goals (such as traffic, followers, consistent posting). I gave them the option for me to share a link with my networks, so here are a sample of projects from my students who are doing blogs:

Cookies Cupcakes and Cooper (cooking and baking)
Dare to Love (social justice and faith)
DIY Design by Alexis
Bulled Predictions (financial advice)
Katie's Dance YouTube Channel 
Lauren (Ball_Hog) on Sports on Twitter

Here's a sample linkedin profile:

Beverly Evans

There are other elements to this project, and I'd be happy to fill you in if you're interested. I'm sure they'd appreciate your visiting and commenting!


Pam said...

Thanks for sharing this -- I'd wanted to post on the Dare to Love blog, but it doesn't seem to be allowing comments. Or something. Anyway -- Brava/o!

Steve Finnell said...
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Anonymous said...

In one of your replies to a comment, you wrote:

"...I find apostrophe errors less amusing than quotation mark errors."

Maybe they're not amusing but it's certainly interesting that a PhD candidate who makes fun of punctuation errors — and whose ex does the same specifically for apostrophes — would make an apostrophe error on a headline. Unless that one student has multiple identites.

Out of curiosity, being that he is your ex, did he start that blog/site because of your penchant for such errors, and is that why you find them unamusing?